Postings for students

The difference between the three categories are as follows:

INTERNSHIP: This is specific in title and can be either paid or unpaid. The position begins at the beginning of the school semester and ends near the end. The students who apply will have specific dates in mind, given to them by their teacher.

PRACTICUM: This is related to a specific position related to a class at the high school (Practicum in {specified work area}). The job must adhere to TWC laws related to educational practicums. This means that the educator will visit the work site at least six times throughout the course of the class and will follow up with an evaluation at the end of the course based in nature on a yearly employee evaluation.

JOBS: These are simple job postings that target generic high school students. If you are looking for specific skills, be sure to list them.

1 x 30 day job post

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